• Division One Contest

    Division One Contest

    The Toppers entertained the audience with their Toy Story package.

  • Music Variety

    Music Variety

    The Toppers perform and entertain with a variety of music.

  • Performing


    That's what we like to do!

  • Pick-up Quartet

    Pick-up Quartet

  • Mount Baker Toppers

    Mount Baker Toppers

    Great Friendships

  • Home of Champs

    Home of Champs

    We are proud of our two current championship quartets, The New Originals and ViaVoice. Does anyone else wonder who would win in a street fight?

  • Fun at the Fair

    Fun at the Fair

    The Toppers had a great time at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden. Our Curly Fry booth was the site of much fun, laughter and spontaneous music making!

  • More than Hobby

    More than Hobby

    We have fun in spuds... err spades. So much more than a hobby, we are invested in our community and our craft!

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A winning Performance Sunday in Blaine!


Sunday's performance was a real hit. we were small in number but BIG on sound. You guys sang with real ballance and a great ensemble feel throughout the enire performance. We really captivated the audience. I was just blown away with the way you guys sold the songs. you really proved that you can really "Bring it".  you really left nothing in the green room. It was a solid performance from start to finish. I had lots of comments from the audience afterwards. One lady was a musician and stated that she had always wanted to hear the Toppers and this was the first time and she was very impressed with the arrangments, the blend, the chords, the presentation, and the song choices.

Way to go guys.

You did us proud!


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May 4, 2015 - 8:57pm
Guys Sunday's performance was a real hit. we were small in number but BIG on sound. You guys sang with real... more
May 4, 2015 - 8:44pm
We will be performing this piece in the Toy Set for the Christmas show in 2015. This song was arranged by my... more
May 14, 2014 - 9:00pm
Our members a getting busy preparing for the fair and our curly fry booth
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